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Chilli Republic’s story is as heart-warming as a Scotch Bonnet.

When the coronavirus pandemic forced the UK hospitality industry to shut in 2020, two highly experienced and talented chefs found they had something on their hands that chefs seldom have, time.

Disappointed with other chilli sauces being “eye-wateringly chaotic in the mouth”, they set about making a chilli sauce where fresh flavours were just as important as heat. A chilli sauce for those who like their tastebuds. A chilli sauce for everyone.

Chilli Republic LTD

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Grown Indoor with no soil

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With no carbon footprints, chemicals, and less water.

It wasn’t easy. Despite their 50 years of combined experience as chefs, they had to master the complex flavours and characteristics of different chilli peppers. They spent months making, tasting, rejecting, and refining. Every change was charted, and every tweak was noted. Some batches were too hot, others too sweet, occasionally too sour, sometimes too fruity, or just plain nasty!

But they persevered because they are stubborn, and they were enjoying the challenge!

Fortunately for you, many months, and countless rejected batches later, they achieved what they set out to do: create a chilli jam where fresh flavour is as important as heat.

From there, things have evolved and today Chilli Republic has a growing range of chilli inspired sauces, jams and mayos produced to the highest standards at Chilli Republic’s secret chilli farm kitchen, deep in the Essex countryside

Chilli Republic: fresh flavours with hidden chilli naughtiness, that everyone can enjoy.


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